When it Rains it pours.

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The Faith of Friends: Matthew 9:1-8

Today’s Reading; Matthew 9:1-8
Have you ever seen the commercial that shows people seeing the good deeds of another person then doing one themselves? One person sees another open the door for a mother that has her hands full. Then that person pick up something that was dropped by another. Then so on and so on.
Jesus finishes His trip across the sea and ended up into His own town. First thing that happens is a group of people carrying their friend stops Him him and scripture doesn’t record them saying anything. In parallel gospels they record that the friends went so far as to tear the roof up and lowered the man.
Matthew writes that Jesus saw the faith of the FRIENDS. Not anything about the paralytic. What we can learn in that we must realize that our faith or lack of faith has an impact upon the lives of others.

Faith In Action Matthew 8:1-4

In the last series of devotionals, we took a close look at “The Sermon on the Mount”. Jesus gave His listeners (that includes us by the way) some pointers for them to live as Christians. Most of which tore down traditions that have been built up and enforced by the Jewish leaders.
Now we have come to the point where Jesus has just finished His sermon and is now walking away from the mountain area. A man approaches Him who probably listened to the whole thing. He was a leper. Lepers were NOT supposed to be in public. They were banished from the city to a quarantine area better known as a Leper Colony. They were not allowed to leave even to get food and water. They did eat because family members would travel to the colony and leave food and water by the entrance. They were not allowed to worship either because they were considered “unclean” and had to wrap open sore with strips of cloth. Remember the verse in Isaiah? “All our righteousness are like filthy rags”? Those filthy rags that it refers to are these rags that are wrapped around a leper’s sore. I will not get into the gross details but I think you get the picture. This man not only had faith to come and listen to Jesus and risk causing a scene but he knew that this man Jesus was no ordinary man.
Look at the passage and see what he says, “Lord if you are WILLING. You can make me clean”. The leper man not only breaks away from being isolation but seeks out the one whom he knows can make Him clean. That took FAITH!!!
Also, this man must have been there when Jesus said “Ask and you will receive”. So he did! And the Scripture says that Jesus was so full of compassion that He did not hesitate and touched the man. The Bible says the the disease IMMEDIATELY left him. Two things to note here. First, Jesus touched a leper. The transmission of the disease was by touching. Jesus was so filled with compassion that he knew the man needed a human touch. He had probably had not been touched in years. Second, Jesus had the power over the disease and it IMMEDIATELY left him.
Then what did Jesus do? He told him to “NOT tell anyone but go and tell the priest, and offer the gift that Moses prescribed as a testimony.” Why? So that his healing would be accepted among his people and he could worship again. This man was made whole just by asking.
Have we asked to be made whole? Sometimes we need to ask!

The Foundation for Kingdom Minded Warriors Matthew 7:24-29

Today’s Reading Matthew 7:24-29

Just after graduating from Naval Aircrewman Candidate School, I was sent to SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). The “survival” portion of the school was part of my favorite. During this phase we learned how to scrounge for the basic needs for life. FOOD, WATER, SHELTER. Food was scarce but we picked leaves and searched for bugs. Water was everywhere because it was Maine during January and it had just snowed. Only we learned to keep our canteens in our inner part of jackets otherwise it would freeze. When that happens you had to wait till it thaws before getting to drink. Building or finding a shelter was the toughest part. You wanted one that gives enough cover that you would EVADE from the enemy but also strong enough to battle against the elements. So naturally it could not be near a dried creek bed in low land or out in a field where it’s hard to camouflage. It had to be under a fallen tree, under a rock, and it had to stand the test. We were “graded” that night when the instructors would hike through the forest and try to find us. We passed if our shelter was hidden and strong.

Jesus said that the person who hears what He is saying and does nothing is like the person who builds his shelter on the sand. You see if you build on the sand it usually meant that it is near a water source or in low lying land. If it rained the waters will rise and soften the ground causing your shelter to fall apart. Jesus says this is what the foolish man does.
However, if your shelter was built properly. It could stand the test of a rainstorm. Jesus used this to illustrate that what He just finished preaching about was a foundation to His ministry and is our foundation to being Kingdom minded. If we listen and ACT upon it we will be like the sensible man who built his shelter upon the rock.
This was the last verse in chapter 7 and it ends Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”. The last two verses are what is unique and is a transition from this scene to the next. The people who were listening were astonished because He spoke as authority. Even higher authority than the scribes.

Go about today and think about the Points of Jesus’ sermon.
The Beatitudes
Believers Are Salt and Light
Christ Fulfills the Law
Murder Begins in the Heart
Adultery in the Heart
Divorce Practices Censured
Tell the Truth
Go the Second Mile
Love Your Enemies
How to Give
How to Pray
The Model Prayer
How to Fast
God and Possessions
The Cure for Anxiety
Do Not Judge
Keep Asking, Searching, Knocking
Entering the Kingdom
The Two Foundations


Last night I had “Meet the Teacher” at my school. It is always the one day that I dread the most and the day I look forward to the most. I look forward to it because I get to see some students that I have had in the past  and see how they have grown. I dread it because I have to work very hard trying to make a good first impression on those that are coming in to my class.
I relate this to the section we are studying by saying this; We look at Jesus as our Teacher. We are already in the school year and He is in the middle of one of His lectures. Are we listening? Are we taking notes? Are we doing the homework by applying what HE has said in our lives now?
Reflect back at some of the lessons so far in Matthew chapter 5. By the way this is a good teaching practice to stop in the middle of the lesson and go back and do a short review.
Feel free to comment on what the Lord has taught you through these passages.


Be Confident Series
Hebrews 11
I.                   The description of Faith
a.     Not blind optimism- Hope so attitude, feeling
b.     It is confident obedience to God’s Word in spite of circumstances
c.      Substance
d.     Evidence- “conviction”
e.      Witness- “obtained a good report”
II.                The demonstration of Faith
a.     Abel- worshipping
                                                             i.      Abel’s offering was accepted and Cain’s was not
b.     Enoch-Faith walking
                                                             i.      Picture of rapture for God took him.
                                                           ii.      He did not die
1.     Direct contrast to Abel
c.      Noah- faith working
                                                             i.      Built the Ark
1.     Exactly as God said – obedience
2.     Despite what the world said
3.     Probably no ocean around
4.     Did not rain
5.     Took 100 years
a.     Methuselah – oldest man died right before flood, perhaps God waited?
d.     The patriarchs- faith waiting
                                                             i.      Abraham waited in God’s time
1.     Obeyed when he did not know how God’s will would be accomplished
2.     Obeyed when he did not know when God would fulfill His promise
3.     Obeyed when he did not know why God was so working
e.      Moses- faith warring
                                                             i.      The refusal of Faith- Moses chose not to stay in a cushy position in the Pharoh’s court
                                                           ii.      The reproach of faith- when he left the palace he NEVER went back to that lifestyle.
                                                        iii.      The reward of faith- “Moses chose the imperishable, saw the invisible, and did the impossible.”
f.       Joshua and Rahab- faith winning
                                                             i.      Joshua belived God in every instance- Defeating Jericho
1.     Walls were 40 foot
2.     They came down just by the sound of the trumpets and shouts
                                                           ii.      Rahab- was a harlot
1.     Saved by grace- other in the city was marked for death
2.     Saved by Faith- she knew about God and what he was about to do
a.     She didn’t know much
3.     Saved unto good works- she protected the spies
g.     Various heroes of faith
                                                             i.      Gideon- a farmer, faith did not grow strong right away
1.     Barak was the same
                                                           ii.      Samson- did not cut his hair or drink wine
1.     He believed God to help and deliver him
                                                        iii.      David
                                                        iv.      Daniel- stopped the Lion’s mouth
1.     Shadrack, Meshack, Abednigo- fiery furnace
                                                           v.      Others had faith- Hebrews 11:36.