Why do we do this?

Mid-week Devotional 3/18/2015

Last week I had the privilege to tag along with the Priority group for the annual Spring Break trip “Beach Reach”. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated. Here I am a 40-something year old hanging out with college age kids. “Am I going there to be like a father figure to them, or perhaps would they accept me as a student like they are?” Obviously I didn’t know what to expect. More importantly, why did God allow me to go?

After being there a few days and getting into the routine it was obvious why I was there. I was to share the gospel with those that needed it. It was completely different from any gospel sharing experience I have ever had. We were going to those who needed it and unashamedly asking them about their personal experience with Jesus. Awkward? YES! It was very awkward but we learned to embrace the awkwardness!

We met all types of people! Most were Catholic and knew how to answer the questions we were asking. Some said that they know what the answers were but really didn’t understand what they were saying. One of the questions that I remember being asked the most was “You guys are doing a great thing but why are you doing this?”

The answer is simple. We love Jesus. I was talking with one particular student from New Mexico. He listened to the Priority 11024640_893598440691711_4683458641178799629_nstudents as they tell him what Jesus did for us. Then he asked “Why do you people do this? Why do you tell people this message knowing that you get opposition?”

Have you ever been giving a really great gift? Perhaps a new car? After you received it did you go show everyone? Of course you did! Were you worried about people not liking your gift? Most likely not!

It’s like in the example of the Samaritan woman at the well. The story found in John chapter 4, illustrates the interaction between Jesus and a woman who was gathering water from the city’s well. Many truths can be drawn from the interaction but when you focus on when she found out that she was talking to the Messiah, she dropped everything to go tell the men in the city (verse 28). She even left her water container right there at the well. After the men heard what the woman had to say they came to investigate. They too believed and in turn told others (verse 39 – 41).

We have been given so great of a gift that we must be compelled to share this with others. This week ask God to bring others in your life that you may share the Gospel with. Pray that He will soften the heart of the hearer and to have the boldness to get past the awkwardness.

By the way, the student from New Mexico accepted Christ. He is featured in the picture hugging one of the Beach Reachers.

That is all! Carry On!

D. Shannon Rainwater

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