Fear God

Mid-week Devotional 3/4/15

Next week we send a group to South Padre Island for an event known as Beach Reach. Please be in prayer for these young men and women who give up their Spring Break to go and share the gospel with those who are there on vacation. Some specifics to be in prayer for are:

  1. Safety
    2. Clarity of the gospel
    3. Boldness of every single person
    4. Effectiveness
    5. Conversions
    6. Unity in our group as well as with the rest of BR
    7. Good weather
    8. Energy

For this week’s devotional I would like to ask a question. What is meant by the phrase “The Fear of the Lord”? It appears with a few variants for a total of 144 times with 19 of those from the New Testament. So if we examine all of these references, we will only begin to understand the meaning of the phrase. The most common reference is Proverbs 1:7. “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge…” Let me share something with you that might put this into perspective. If we were to fly to the sun in an airplane, it would take 21 years to get there. If we were to fly the same airplane to the 14-151-hubble_1nearest star, Alpha Centauri, it would take us 51 billion years. And we didn’t even leave our galaxy. When we consider that there are billions of other galaxies (see the picture to the right), we start to realize how small we really are. Click here for the video.

Solomon knew what he was talking about when he said in 1 Kings 8:27 “Behold the heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain You.” God is not just bigger than the entire universe, He measured it all with the span of his hand! (Isaiah 40:12.

Our God is an awesome God, and it is only right that we “fear Him”!


That is all! Carry on!

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