The Superior Sacrifice

Be confident series

The Superior Sacrifice

Hebrews 10

-This chapter emphasizes the perfect sacrifice of Jesus Christ

3 benefits that explain why Jesus Christ is Superior to the old covenant sacrifices

I.                   Christ’s Sacrifice Takes away sin (10:1-10)

1.                  We are not sinners because we sin, We sin because we are sinners

B.                 The need for a better sacrifice (vv. 1-4)

1.                  The very nature of the old covenant made them inferior

2.                  Animal sacrifices could never completely deal with human guilt

3.                  Day of Atonement was not to accomplish the remission of sins but to remind of sin

4.                  Desperate need for a better sacrifice

5.                  Blood only covered sins never took it away

C.                The provision of a better sacrifice (vv. 5-9)

1.                  God provided the sacrifice not man.

a)                  Man provided the goat or pigeon …

D.                The effectiveness of the better sacrifice (v. 10)

1.                  The believer is set apart or sanctified.

2.                  Under O.C. the person had to constantly be purified

II.                Christ’s Sacrifice need not be Repeated (10:11-18)

A.                By Christ “sitting down” at the right hand of God symbolizes that it is a finished work

B.                 The sacrifices were repeated day after day

C.                You don’t need to take aspirin anymore.

III.             Christ’s Sacrifice Opens the way to God (10:19-39)

1.                  The Holy of Holies was closed

B.                 A gracious invitation (vv. 19-25)

1.                  Christ’ blood allows us to be bold in entering the HOH

2.                  “Let us draw near”

3.                  “Let us hold fast”

4.                  “Let us consider one another”

C.                A solemn exhortation (vv. 26-31)

1.                  Despising the word

a)                  The evidence of this despising is a willful sin

b)                  This cheapens the sacrifice

D.                An encouraging confirmation (vv. 32-39)

1.                  The Just shall live by FAITH

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