The Superior Sanctuary

Be Confident Series

The Superior Sanctuary

Hebrews 9

I.                   The Inferior Old Covenant Sanctuary (9:1-10)

1.                  5 questions to answer what made the tabernacle inferior

B.                 It was an earthly sanctuary (v.1)

1.                  Made by man

2.                  Needed repair

3.                  Limited geographically

C.                 It was a type of something greater (vv. 2-5)

1.                  The furnishings listed carried a spiritual meaning (Hebrews 9:23)

a)                 Lampstand= the nation of Israel was supposed to be the light of the world. It was situated outside the Holy of Holies and it was pitch black except for the lamp

b)                 Table of the showbread=reminds them that God has sustained them

(1)              Bread of life= refers to Jesus

c)                  Golden Altar= picture of prayers ascending to God (Ps. 141:2

d)                 Ark of the Covenant= mercy seat

D.                It was inaccessible to the people (vv. 6-7)

1.                  Only the Levites were allowed in the sanctuary

E.                 It was temporary (v. 8)

1.                  The veil was torn from top to bottom

F.                  Its ministry was external, not internal (vv. 9-10)

1.                  All of the ceremonies had to do with the outer man and not the inner man.

II.               The Superior Heavenly Sanctuary (9:11-28) matched with the inferiorities

A.                 It is heavenly (v.11)

1.                  The tabernacle was patterned after the sanctuary in Heaven.

2.                  No need for repair, it is eternal

B.                 Its ministry is effective to deal with sin (vv. 12-15)

1.                  Ceremonial cleansing vs. conscience cleansing (vv.13-14)

2.                  Temporary blessing vs. eternal blessings (v.15)

C.                 Its ministry is based on a costly sacrifice (vv. 16-23)

1.                  Under the old covenant sins were covered by blood- Jesus’ blood covers our sins

D.                It’s ministry represents fulfillment (v. 24)

1.                  New covenant things are “made without hands”- whereas the old was made with hands.

a)                 The temple does not stand today

E.                 It’s ministry is final and complete (vv. 25-28)

1.                  The work of Christ is a completed work

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