The Foundation for Kingdom Minded Warriors Matthew 7:24-29

Today’s Reading Matthew 7:24-29

Just after graduating from Naval Aircrewman Candidate School, I was sent to SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape). The “survival” portion of the school was part of my favorite. During this phase we learned how to scrounge for the basic needs for life. FOOD, WATER, SHELTER. Food was scarce but we picked leaves and searched for bugs. Water was everywhere because it was Maine during January and it had just snowed. Only we learned to keep our canteens in our inner part of jackets otherwise it would freeze. When that happens you had to wait till it thaws before getting to drink. Building or finding a shelter was the toughest part. You wanted one that gives enough cover that you would EVADE from the enemy but also strong enough to battle against the elements. So naturally it could not be near a dried creek bed in low land or out in a field where it’s hard to camouflage. It had to be under a fallen tree, under a rock, and it had to stand the test. We were “graded” that night when the instructors would hike through the forest and try to find us. We passed if our shelter was hidden and strong.

Jesus said that the person who hears what He is saying and does nothing is like the person who builds his shelter on the sand. You see if you build on the sand it usually meant that it is near a water source or in low lying land. If it rained the waters will rise and soften the ground causing your shelter to fall apart. Jesus says this is what the foolish man does.
However, if your shelter was built properly. It could stand the test of a rainstorm. Jesus used this to illustrate that what He just finished preaching about was a foundation to His ministry and is our foundation to being Kingdom minded. If we listen and ACT upon it we will be like the sensible man who built his shelter upon the rock.
This was the last verse in chapter 7 and it ends Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount”. The last two verses are what is unique and is a transition from this scene to the next. The people who were listening were astonished because He spoke as authority. Even higher authority than the scribes.

Go about today and think about the Points of Jesus’ sermon.
The Beatitudes
Believers Are Salt and Light
Christ Fulfills the Law
Murder Begins in the Heart
Adultery in the Heart
Divorce Practices Censured
Tell the Truth
Go the Second Mile
Love Your Enemies
How to Give
How to Pray
The Model Prayer
How to Fast
God and Possessions
The Cure for Anxiety
Do Not Judge
Keep Asking, Searching, Knocking
Entering the Kingdom
The Two Foundations

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