Know Jesus or No Jesus: Matthew 8:28-34

Today’s Reading: Matthew 8:28-34

If Jesus were to pass you by in your normal life would you recognize Him? I mean if you were at work and Jesus is walking around in the background, you catch eyes with Him and He waves, would you know that it was Jesus at all? Chances are probably not. You couldn’t know that it was He if you never met in person. Our passage today accounts of two demon possessed men that recognized Jesus for exactly who He is. “What do You have to do with us, Son of God? Have You come here to torment us before the time?” They called Him “Son of God”! They know exactly WHO He is! and they tremble at the thought of the coming Judgement.
If the demons know and tremble so much how much more should we? What if we were given a choice to follow Him or face the same Judgement? That’s right! We do have a choice. But it is much more than recognizing who Jesus is. It is following Him and making Him our Savoir by accepting His sacrifice for our sins. The demons do not have this offer of grace, hence they reason they tremble. They know Him just like we know Him but do not follow.
Have you you made this decision? You can know all there is to know about Jesus and be like the demons OR you can intimately KNOW Him! If you have not please do not hesitate to make this commitment now.
If you have made this commitment then who have told?

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