The Only True Airbender: Matthew 8:22-27

Today’s Reading: Matthew 8:22-27

Ok, so I admit I like watching Blackbelt Theater. IF you don’t know what it is, it is basically Chinese made movies that have kung-fu and a fantasy type story-line. These were quite popular during the 70’s and early 80’s. More recently, a movie called “The Last Air-bender” was out in theaters. It is about a boy who could manipulate air but supposedly could also manipulate water, fire, and earth as well. The story goes that the fire-country was taking over and this boy was still learning how to move water. I will not spoil the ending for you if you decide to watch it.
In today’s passage, we pick up from yesterday and remember that Jesus was getting into a boat to escape the crowds that was forming around Him. A short time after that He goes to a part of the boat and starts to take a nap. Well, just then a storm rises up which was common in this area and it was tossing the boat around quite violently. Get this… the disciples had to WAKE HIM UP!!! During my time in the Navy, I took a cruise on a Amphibious Assault ship and sailed the North Atlantic. It too is known for high waves sometimes up to 50ft. Unlike Jesus, I was awake through the night for fear of my life. I could relate to the disciples very much. They were scared for their lives and were a little irritated that Jesus was still sleeping.
Then there is Jesus’ reaction. “Why are you fearful, you of little faith?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the sea. And there was a great calm.” He was still trying to teach them how to have faith. Even after this the disciples were amazed at His power and said “What kind of man is this?—even the winds and the sea obey Him!”
We go through bad times in our life and we can call our storms. Sometimes we go through them but we can be assured that Jesus is still with us. Think about this; there were other boats in the area that could easily set sail and get close to Jesus. Maybe He sent the storm to get away for a while to get some rest?
The bigger point and application is this. Sometimes Jesus sends storms in our lives so that our faith could grow. The disciples has the Creator of EVERYTHING in the boat and they still felt like they were going to die. When they saw Jesus speak to the wind and waves and they obeyed they got a glimpse of the stories of their own heritage when Moses spread his arms to split the Red Sea to allow the deliverance of the nation of Israel. That same power that separated the seas was the same power that calmed the sea.
Today as you go about think about some times that you were in one of life’s storms and how God spoke to the elements and brought you through it.

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