Being Persistent – Matthew 7:7-12

My Mother told me when I was young that I should never accept “No” from someone who has the ability to say “Yes”. This was in reference to asking girls out on a date and I was VERY shy. She always wanted me to be persistent is asking for what I wanted, without being annoying, until I either received what I asked for or there was an acceptable compromise.The saying stuck and I believe it is applicable to different situations. 
In this Passage Jesus was urging the listeners to be persistent. Ask for what you say? Look back at the context. He was on a point that was teaching how to improve the Christian behavior to become Kingdom minded. Also, He is probably NOT referring to materials things because of the section about treasures. So what do you think Jesus is referring to? RIGHT! The treasures of Heaven. These are perfect gifts that help us carry on our mission with God. 
Today ask God what are the things that you need for your mission. Is it BOLDNESS? WISDOM? ENERGY? Then ask Him to equip you and guide you on your mission.

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