Something to Think About

Ever thought about the reasons why Jesus picked a few people to be His close followers? Well, the obvious ones were that He picked 12 symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel, He did come to save sinners, and he was considered a Rabbi and therefore had disciples, but why have a few to hang out with?
If you look at at of the teachings from Jesus that were directed specifically to the disciples they were mostly about developing Christian character. After all they are the Patriarchs of the Christian faith and had to develop the image. Sort of being Brand Marketers. The most important aspect of this training Jesus gave them was Personal Evangelism. 
How is your personal evangelism experience? Have you talked to anyone about Jesus? If it is like most and it happens almost none of the time then you are not alone. Perhaps you don’t know how to go about doing it? Or maybe you experience fear of rejection? Either way we are commanded to tell others. 
I’m in the process of developing an online training course to teach and show how to share your faith without fear. 
In the meantime, be in prayer about this process and that it develops into a user friendly course that will assist those who need it. Also, pray for opportunities for you to share your faith and start by building those relationships. The easiest way to start is by fulfilling someone else’s need.
Email or comment here if you have any questions. 
Carry On!

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