Get Your Mind Right!

Today is the day of the week that we prepare ourselves for worship. We should take a moment to self-examine our lives. The meaning of “worship” actually means that we should give our adoration to or show reverence toward an object or deity.Said object should receive our worthy time. So in essence, we should give our “worth-ship” to God. If God is “worthy” of our time and attention then we should give Him our absolute best. 
When I was in Rescue Swimmer School, the instructors used to yell out “Get your mind right!” just before we were going to PT (Physical Training). If we didn’t get our mind right for the task then we could not give it our whole effort. The same is with getting ready for worship (worth-ship). If you don’t get your mind right you can not give it full effort.
So today in preparation for tomorrow set aside all worldly things and GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

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