Whatever it Takes – Matthew 5:27-30

After Jesus established that murder originates in the heart, He continues the thought of other sins that originate in the heart- Adultery
“I’ve NEVER committed adultery! I have always been with my wife/husband.”
Remember that Jesus is addressing the heart issues. These are the issues that are seldom seen by people because we think of it as being an action. Jesus said- “everyone who looks at a women to lust after her has committed adultery with her in his heart.” (v.28)
But wait a minute! I’m not even married.
Au contraire mon frere! Even if you are single this still applies. Those that wait for their mate may still lust after another.
Now wait just a second! You are telling me that I cant even look at the opposite sex with no thoughts of attraction?
Jesus gives a hyperbole by suggesting that if your eye or your hand causes you to sin then get rid of it! Because it “is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell!” Obviously Jesus isn’t really wanting us to go around gouging our eyes out or chopping our hands off but the point is clear.
If ANYTHING causes us to sin then we are to get rid of it by any means possible! 
The hands and eyes don’t actually CAUSE the sin but rather they are the tools used for it. Hands can commit actions of sin and the eyes can allow sin into the heart/mind. So the question is “How do we get rid of the possibility?” That is what we have to figure out with guidance from the Holy Spirit. 
Some of the missions I went on when I was in the Navy, we were told to do certain things “by any means necessary.” The methods may not have been ideal however, they were necessary to accomplish the mission.
So in the case of sin we are to “Do what ever it takes to correct our heart attitude.” 
For some, it may be deactivating Facebook for a while, selling your TV, taking a different route to and from work, or making sure that your spouse is with you when you eat out with coworkers.
God’s Word contain many scriptures regarding our heart;
1. We are to guard it! Proverbs 4:23
2. Love God with it! 
3. Bind God’s law with!
Just to name a few.

As you go through today as God to make you aware to the “THINGS” that are causing sin in your life. 

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