Provision of Unrighteousness

Today’s Reading Romans 4-5

Provision of Unrighteousness

It’s only natural to be friendly to those who are friendly.

To like those who are likeable.

To love those who are lovely.

Outgoing, attractive, pleasant people have a magnetic quality about them that draws the attention and affection in others. Human love is a response to favorable qualities in the object of one’s affection.

Not so with God’s love! He expressed His love for sinful humanity while we were “without strength”, “ungodly” (5:6), “sinners” (5:8), and “enemies” (5:10). God’s love is not a response at all. It is a decisive act of His will toward the object of His affection. God loves you, not because of but in spite of you.

Do you love as God loves, reaching out with concern and compassion to the needy and unlovely and even repulsive? If not, admit your lack of love to God (He knows already); meditate upon His unconditional love for you; then with God’s help, allow the “love of God (to be) shed abroad” (5:5) from your heart to the heart of one other person who desperately needs to experience it today.

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