Pursuit of Righteousness

Today’s Reading Romans 6-8

A do-it-yourselfer went into a hardware store and asked for a saw. The salesman pulled a chain saw from the shelf and commented, “This is our finest saw. Guaranteed to cut ten cords of lumber a day.”
“I’ll take it!” responded the customer jubilantly.
Next day he came back, haggard and exhausted, to return the chain saw. “Something must be wrong, he moaned. “I could only cut three cords of lumber a day with that thing.”
“Let me try it,” urged the salesman, pulling on the cord to start the motor. “Vvvvvrrrroooooommmm,” went the chain saw. “What’s that noise?” exclaimed the customer.
Chapters 7 and 8 may remind you of the plight of that do-it-yourselfer: wanting to do the right thing but failing to apply the power for victorious living that God  has supplied in the person of the Holy Spirit. See if you can find five promises in chapter 8 regarding the Holy Spirit’s role in your daily life. Then select one and draw upon it today. That’s why they’re there.

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