OK so I had a conversation just a little while ago with a person who is having a tough time. I noticed that the person used a word that is not normal in the English language. It was the “F-” word. So, I said watch your mouth. The response was that they didn’t believe that it was a bad word only that it was an emphatic adjective.

What!?! An emphatic? Please! If it was indeed an emphatic word used to describe disgust then it would be widely accepted as just that!
How many times have I seen (and I’m just as guilty of this as anyone) someone trying to justify their sin. How many times can we say that times are changing and God will understand? Why is it that when things are going bad we blame God then we forget Him when things are going well? Why do think we have to rely on our own strength when we have access to all power?
Sorry for jumping around there.
I remember when I was growing up that I had to play like I was a Christian just so that people at church wouldn’t find out. I found out that I was a pretty good actor. Did you know that our English word “actor” come from the Greek word hypocrite? Funny huh? I was basically a hypocrite but would not admit it. But one day I did, when I became a Christian.
I just wished that it was easier to witness to someone who realizes they need Jesus. BUT the world doesn’t think that way.
By the way…
If you were to die today after reading this post and you are standing before God and He were to ask you “Why should I let you into my Heaven?” What would be your answer?
Think about it? And if you Know that He is going to let you in then what is stopping you from informing your neighbors/relatives/friends? What is the worst that could happen? You send them to Hell #2? NO!!!
And if you don’t know that you are going then please email me. I want to show you how you can know for sure.
Comments? Questions?

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