When I was first called to the ministry, I had no idea that there are certain rules and qualifications that have to be met to be a minister. According to 1 Timothy 3, the “overseer” must be:

1. must be above reproach,
2. the husband of one wife,
3. self-controlled,
4. sensible,
5. respectable,
6. hospitable,
7. an able teacher,
8. not addicted to wine,
9. not a bully but gentle,
10. not quarrelsome,
11. not greedy
12. one who manages his own household competently,
13. having his children under control with all dignity.
14. He must not be a new convert
15.he must have a good reputation among outsiders
I actually questioned my calling when I learned about this list. I think that that is a part of its purpose. It weeds out those who are looking for the prestige of being a leader in the church. In todays church, whom most leaders do not believe the Bible to be true, skip over the parts that do not fit with their belief.
I discovered while I was in Seminary that some of the higher officials of the church were accepting homosexuals into the church fellowship and putting them into leadership positions. After all, can not a homosexual be called into the ministry? If we read a few verses before the above passage it says that if anyone desires to be a minister then they desire a good thing. So, can not a homosexual desire to be a pastor of a church. Sure they can, but they can not serve as one UNTIL their sin is put under the blood of Christ.

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