Bible Grounds 2

I think I need to clarify some things concerning this blog. First, it is still in rework and we are testing the grounds (get it Bible Grounds) to see whether or not to publish weekly, monthly, bi weekly or just every once in a while.

Second, I want everyone who reads this and thinks that this is going to be world changing then please pray. I will have some articles about prayer and how to pray but in the meantime just ask God to bless this ministry.
Third, I need for you all to participate in the polls. I think that we may use the results to drive the main article. So, what if your main concern is not one of the choices? Well then just email us.

Fourth, I need for everyone to tell someone about it.

Thank you in advance for everything. I hope that this can be the place where there are no boundaries. When I lived in Sicily, I used to visit the outside cafes where the old men of the city would discuss a wide range of topics. Anything goes! Politics, religion, food, anything. I would enjoy my cappo and try to learn Italian by listening to the locals. They would argue and try their case in front of the town shouting and flailing their hands about desperate to have their opinion heard and recognized. But at the end of the day, everyone was still friends and no one felt unwelcome. This is our goal. We want to have the heated discussions, the differing ideas, but at the same time recognize that we are not the final authority on any subject. The Bible, God’s Word is.

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