Welcome to Bible Grounds

Welcome to the very first post to Bible Grounds. I want to introduce the intent of this blog and explain some of the background to its making.

First “Why in the world did you name it ‘Bible Grounds’?”? Well, I think it starts with my fascination with coffee. When I was in the Navy I fell in love with the dark nectar of roasted legumes. I jumped on the band wagon when the coffee craze was beginning to become popular in the early 90’s. It started when my brother was hanging out with some friends and they invited me to a small coffee shop in the historic Marietta square in Marietta, GA. They introduced me to new ways and forms of coffee that I had never fathomed. I was hooked. I became a junkie and craved to know all about this wonderful elixir. Cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, and café au lait were becoming mere peasant drinks. I wanted the exotic. It wasn’t until I was stationed in Sicily that I really experienced the best of the best. Before this time my goal in life was to drink a cappuccino while sitting underneath the Eiffel Tower. My chance came when my squadron deployed to the North Atlantic and I took a trip to Paris. I walked right up to the enormous hunk of steel that towered above many tiny café around the area. Immediately I ordered a coffee from the first place I came to. I carefully cradled this cup and sat almost dead center of the Tower. My dream goal is actually taking place but something was missing. I could not figure it out. I looked around to enjoy the scenery and somehow it just seemed normal. I thought for sure that this would be something magical. It turned out that the seat wasn’t comfortable, the coffee was terrible, and something smelled like a New York Subway. Urine!!! Yuck!!! I probably would have been better off drinking 7-11 coffee in East Atlanta looking at a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

I know what you are wondering right now. “Why in the world did he just tell us about COFFEE and not answer our question?” In a way I did, I just didn’t tell you that the “Grounds” in the title is a double meaning. You see, after learning about brewing coffee properly it is all about the type of ground you have. The finer the ground the richer the coffee or better put it is the better tasting. “Grounds” also refers to the earth. Get it? Yes, I said it refers to the earth … ground… floor… what you are standing on right now.

The other part of the title is a simple explanation. Bible, it is God’s word. It is the basis to everything that I do. It is my guidebook, my reference. This blog and everything about it WILL be based on the Holy Scriptures.

So to put the two together, Bible Grounds, you can get the mission of this blog. I will do a lot of play on words with the different sections to come, i.e. Breakfast with God (morning devotional that will guest star a feature coffee recipe).

There are many directions that I want to take this blog but for now it is in pilot phase. That is a term I stole from the media. It means that it is in testing. I want to reach a wide audience. Christian and Non-christian. So for now I am starting small. My team and I would love hear comments and suggestions on the topic for discussion.

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