Hey Bud, gotta light? Matthew 5:14-16

Today’s Reading Matthew 5:14-16

Hey Bud, gotta light?

Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and it was pitch black in the room? You tried to make it to the bathroom without stepping on or running into something but instead that corner of the bed or that toy that wasn’t picked sends pain messages to your half awake brain. All this because there was no light.

Replay this scenario except this time imagine you have a night light plugged in. Different? Of course! Although your toes still may have found the corner and your heal found the toy, this time you saw it coming.

Jesus calls us to be the light of the world. We are to bring attention to that light so that others can see how God is working in our life. What is this light He is talking about? It is Jesus! Remember that Jesus called Himself “the light of the world” (John 8:12, 9:5, 11:9).  He tells us to not hide our light, such as under a bowl, but rather on a lampstand so that all can see. Think about it; if Jesus is the light that we are supposed to show off do we have to excuse the light because some may complain? Or, should we limit the brightness because it might offend some? NO! While “being the salt of the earth” deals with the inner conscience “being the light of the world” is an outward action. We reflect the light that Jesus gives us by our actions.

Today try to list as many qualities of light that parallel this illustration.
Example; light reveals mistakes, light exposes, light ____

Pass the Salt

Today’s Reading: Matthew 5:13

Pass the Salt

There are many different types of salts because of its chemical structure. Remember this from Chemistry class? Take a metal and bond it with a non-metal usually the product from a neutralization of an acid and a base.  NaCl, MgSo4 are the most common. NaCl being table salt that was just mentioned above and Magnesium Sulfate which is known as Epsom salt. I think I just heard a couple of “ahhhhhs”. Fun Fact: MgSO4 can also be used as an additive in fertilizer.

Salt has been used throughout history as a preservative and a spice. Some early civilizations even used it as currency. Today it is used mainly in flavoring of foods such as yummy French fries and brining a pork butt before slow-cooking. (Hungry yet?) You can even add salt to the water before you drop the pasta. Its importance in the diet comes true when you look at its chemical properties. It is essential in maintaining the electrolyte balance in our bodies. Without it we would not have the electrical impulse that makes our body move, metabolize, and think.  Salt is even used in non-foodie applications. It is poured on the roads to lower the freezing point of water. Some people have found salt to soften water and add it pools instead of Chorine.

Jesus mentioned that we “are the salt of the earth.” And “if the salt could lose its taste, how can it be made salty?” Is it possible for salt to lose its “saltiness”? According to some, yes. The only way that salt loses its flavor is by dilution in water. The more water the less salt would be noticeable or effective. The common use for salt during this time was to preserve food for later use. So when Jesus was calling us to be the salt of the earth, He was calling on us to preserve the truth of the Gospel. If we were to lose our “saltiness” by diluting the Gospel with the world’s wisdom and ideologies we are considered “worthless” and should be “thrown out”.

How do you treat the Gospel? Do you modify it so that the other person isn’t offended? Take a moment today and meditate on how we are being salt to others. Are we preserving God’s word and adding flavor? Or, are we diluted so much that others can’t tell if we are true followers of Christ.

Tomorrow will be the continuation of Jesus’ thought; being light to the world. Matthew 5:14-16