The Prophet’s Prayer Life

Daniel is one of the few individuals in Scripture about whom nothing negative is ever written. How did he live a life of such conviction and courage? What was the secret that enabled him to please and glorify God so consistantly?
A number of answers could be given, but consider this. Time and again, Daniel is revealed to be a man who prayed faithfully. You’l find his key prayers in 2:17-23; 6:10-11; and 9:1-3.
No matter what circumstances he faced- and he faced some very treacherous ones- no matter how busy his schedule was, he found time to commune with God through prayer. As a matter of fact, the awesome revelations of chapters 10-12 were given to Daniel by God as a direct answer to his prayers (10:10-12)
We can gain much insight into the lives of the prophets of God. Certainly, they were uniquely chosen by God for a unique task. And yet their lives were set apart for that purpose through their heartfelt devotion to God- a devotion that was fueled by fervent prayer.
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