What is it about the Healing Touch? Matthew 8:14-17

Today’s Reading: Matthew 8:14-17

I have heard it said that the touch from another human is like a healing touch. We crave to be touched as if we need to be accepted and consoled. If you have ever noticed when a person is sick in the hospital and they see a loved one, they will reach out to touch them.

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day were known to never touch a woman because they did not want to find themselves defiled and unclean if they were in their menstrual cycle. But Jesus often found Himself touching people, man or woman, to heal them. He was not afraid of defiling himself because it was impossible. Jesus could not be defiled if he made the disease leave.

In this passage Jesus went to Peter’s house. He saw his mother-in-law who had a fever. He touched her and the fever left. And the scripture says that she got and started to serve Him. Later that evening, people were bringing to Him demon-possessed and sick people. The contrast is that He spoke to the demons and touched those who were sick. I do not believe that this was Jesus only mode of healing people, however, it is significant that He spoke directly to the demons because He had authority over them. He touched diseased people because of the compassion and desire to make people whole.

Today meditate on the fact that Jesus has authority over our weaknesses and diseases. He is able and willing to make us whole.

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