Practice of Righteousness

Today’s Reading Romans 12-16

When someone strikes you on the cheek and you strike them back, that’s expected – the natural reaction. When someone strikes you on the other cheek and you still don’t retaliate even after running out of cheeks, that’s remarkable – the supernatural reaction.

The final chapters of Romans deal with supernatural reactions to everyday situations – the kind possible only when Christ is in control. Can you think of a 20th- century example from your life that illustrates the kind of reaction Paul is calling for with each of the following exhortations?

Prefer one another (12:10)__________________________________________________
Be patient in tribulation (12:12) _____________________________________________
Give no man evil for evil (12:17) ____________________________________________
Avenge not yourself (12:19) ________________________________________________

Remember, anyone can act like a Christian, but it takes a true Christian to react like one!

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