Broken Covenant Jeremiah 11-15

God instructs Jeremiah to take a linen girdle (a tight fitting belt or sash) and bury it by the Euphrates River. Later he is told to dig it up again. The result is predictable: one ruined girdle, unit to wear any longer. And the parallel is painfully clear. Selected by God for a place of intimate fellowship (just like the girdle), Judah would now be cast away in judgement for her corruption.
Moses, the servant of God and Samuel, the first prophet in Israel. What do these two great men have in common?
The answer may shock and disturb you. God declared that their combined prayers would not be suffiecient to avert the disaster soon to come upon rebellious Judah (15:1)
There is time to pray… to repent…to come to God on your knees. But there is coming a day when it will be too late to avoid Him, to acknowledge your need or sidestep the issue. Today many people may be praying for you: your spouse, children, parents, friends, minister. And you may choose to scoff at those prayers. But the alternative to getting right with God is getting  left– waking up to a day in which even Moses and Samuel could not move God in prayer on your behalf.
Isaiah 55:6 states, “Seek … the Lord while he may be found.” And when you obey that command, you’ll find a wonderful promise waiting on you in Hebrews 11:6!

For Fun-
Jeremiah was known for his visual representations for prophecy. The rotten girdle was just the first in a series of ten. Can you identify all 10? I’ll give the answer in the next series in Jeremiah 16-20.

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