Options for Daily Study

Updated 7/23/2011

So far Experiencing God is in the lead for the most votes. Keep it coming! Voting ends tomorrow at 8pm! Monday will be the big announcement and then the first devotional post.


I would like to hear from my readers. Since this Blog is going under construction in the days and maybe weeks to come, I am still working things out.

I have a few ideas on Daily Devotionals:

1. The Mind of Christ by T W Hunt and Claude N. King

2. Spending Time Alone with God, from the moving toward maturity series, by Barry St. Clair

3. Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby

Comment on which of these you would like to see every morning. My understanding is that you could sign up for email updates and get the post sent directly to your email.

Also I can get permission to recreate any worksheet items so you too can follow along.

What do you think??

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