Have you ever done anything that you have regretted?
I have plenty of times. But, later I realize that God has had a plan this whole time. I can not imagine just relying on my own judgment. I sure am glad that I can rely on the Holy Spirits guidance.
Today I had an interview with another school. I really want this job. The principle seems nice and he kind of said that he wants me but he wishes that I had more experience. I wished I had more experience also but what can you do? How else do you gain experience?
I have to remember to pray for His will to be done, not mine. I can pray that my will becomes His will. This is how I think that God want us to make our requests known to Him. We pray that our will becomes His will and when we are in tune with Him, we desire what He desires.
Have I confused you yet???
Let me explain it this way. We become his children by accepting the sacrifice of His one and only Son. When we are His children we become a part of Him. His desires are our desires and our desires are His. If we desire that perfect job then God wants it for us also ONLY if it is part of His plan for us. Should we still ask in earnest for it to be done?? Of course!!! But we know that if our request is not met then we know that our Father knows what is best for His children and that He has something so much better than we could dream.

I want this job badly. But I will not be too disappointed if I am not selected. I know that God’s plan will ultimately be better. Sure I’ll be upset for a while until I get over it. And I will get over it.

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