Better get your lifejacket… storms a coming!!!

Why does it seem that God is sometimes silent during our  times of struggle? When we face these issues personally, we are to “Trust in the Lord and not lean in your own understanding and all ways acknowledge Him. Proverbs 3:5

Have you ever played the “trust” game where you are facing away from someone and you are supposed to fall backward and let them catch you? My favorite illustration of that is the Geico commercial. That poor little guy was about to get squished. But just imagine your self in a situation say, you have absolutely no money and your next payday is in 2 weeks. How many of us have actually been in this situation? (me.. me .. me) You receive notices in the mail that you have ten days to pay the light bill before they shut it off. You try desperately to scrounge up something to pay with. Only you find out that your baby is out of diapers and you need milk and a few other grocery items. On your way to the grocery store, the van gets a sound that you know is coming from the engine. then the engine light comes on. You start thinking to yourself, “thats ok, I have an emergency fund” because you are following Dave Ramsey Financial Peace. Wait a minute! You used the emergency fund last month to try and get caught up on other bills that are again behind this month.

Does this sound like you? Who is in control? You? God?

Who should be in control?

Many Christians are facing this type of situation and they are trying to fix all this by themselves. When we realize that God wants an absolute dependence on Him we also realize that He is in control of everything! When we look at Matthew 8:18 it was Jesus that gave the order to get into the boat. He knew there was going to be a storm. The disciples had no clue. When the storm came where was Jesus? Sleeping. How dare HE. The diciples were scared for their life and the very man that just performed miricles in front of them was SLEEPING. Didn’t Jesus CARE? Of course He did! After they woke Jesus up and asked if He even cared if they lived or died or that they were scared and this storm was getting worse… and He was sleeping? Often we think God is sleeping during our life’s storms. But Jesus IS in the boat. He does care. In verse 26 Jesus said to his disciples, “Why are you fearful, you of little faith”. Then he calmed the storm and the wind.

You see God sometimes takes us through a storm to strengthen your faith. He knows the situation you are in. He also knows the outcome. He might even be “toughening” you up and preparing you for a mission he wants you to be on.

When you are going through a storm in life, praise God and acknowledge Him always.

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