This morning I only have a few minutes to write but I feel the need to say something. This economy is going in the toilet bowl and everyone seems to be enamored by it swirling down the porcelain highway. Cats and dogs do the same. Gas prices are skyrocketing, food prices are high… $2.89 for a head of lettuce?… So what are we as Christians going to do about it?

The job market is like finding Waldo. Only once you find him you lost him again. Jobs across the country are being cut and not replaced. Even the more important jobs for our future are facing layoffs. So what do we as Christians do about this?

Moral values are being attacked. It’s like the censorship boards were laid off along with our teachers and policeman. This generation of students are growing up seeing their parents split. They are seeing very immoral acts being modeled to them not only in their home but also in the media. So what are we as Christians going to do about it?

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