Romans 2 Righteous Judgement

Romans 2 continues the theme from the first chapter by slapping the reading in the face. Paul says that if anyone who is reading this and saying “YEEE HAWWW the immoral is finally going to get it” they need to look out because you do the same things. I think this is also the passage that people misuse because it says “DO not judge.” But I submit to you that it is a warning to those who is quick to point out things in other people’s lives and not look to their own.

I thought it was neat that in verse 12 through 15 Paul states that the law is the standard to which everyone is going to be measured but those who did not have the law will still be judged by it. If a person who has never heard the law they instinctively do what the law demands because they themselves are the law unto themselves. “They show that the work of the law is written on their hearts.” Their consciences testify to this. You know what is right and wrong without being taught. Greatest example from history I can think of is that from Hammurabi. He wrote a law that is morally right because he knew what was right in his heart.

THe best part of this passage is that when Paul said that people’s thought are competing. They will either accuse or excuse their actions and thoughts.

Do you do this? Does your thoughts excuse your actions or do they accuse you of wrong doing?

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