How to Improve Your Vision: Matthew 9:27-31

Today’s Reading: Matthew 9:27-31
There was a story on the news one night about a man who could echo-locate. You know like the way bats do. He was born blind. They way he got around was by making a sucking “Click” sound. You can find the article here. Basically he claims that he can “see” better than anyone else. Think about it, if you and he were in a completely pitch black room with obstacles to traverse. Who do you think would be safe? Of course, then blind man.
Jesus encountered two blind men while He was traveling. The ironic thing about this is that the men recognized Jesus as being the “Son of David”. How did they know? It’s not like they recognized His voice or remembered a picture of Him. They simply BELIEVED that the man approaching WAS Jesus, the Son of David. Being called the Son of David was taken to be meant in the sense of the Davidic covenant that the Messiah would be a descendant. So by calling Jesus Son of David they were recognizing Him as the promised Messiah. Jesus calls this FAITH and by this He touched their eyes and healed them. But then Jesus tells them NOT to tell anyone. Do you think that they could have kept it a secret? How long do you think they contained their emotions? That’s right! They went right then and spread the news about Him.
What if something miraculous happened to you, how long you contain yourself? What if you were blind and then a person touched your eyes and now you could see? Wouldn’t you go out and tell everyone you could find about it? Of course you would! You wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. 
You know you did experience something miraculous. You were blind and now see. So what are you waiting on? Go spread the News about Him!

Recognizing Authority

Today’s Reading; Matthew 8:5-9

I wished I had a parallel story on this but quite frankly I do not. I guess sometimes you should just let the story speak for itself.

Here we have a member of the Roman army and not just any leader. He is a Centurion. He probably was entrusted with around 60-125 troops, hence the name centurion. This is where we get our word for century or 100 years. He must have heard the message of Jesus at some point. 
1. The Centurion PLEADED with Jesus. Roman soldiers were not known for pleading with anyone. They were given authority, especially over the Jews, to act in the place of Caesar. But this one was different. He obviously had compassion for his troops because he was concerned about his servant. “My servant is lying at home paralyzed, in terrible agony.”
2. The Centurion recognized the Rank of Jesus. Or more appropriately he recognized that Jesus has AUTHORITY. He wouldn’t let Jesus come to his house to heal his servant. But instead he says to Jesus that if He were to just say the word it would be sufficient. His basis was by Jesus’ authority. Then he talks of his own authority by saying that what ever he says it happens, “I say to this one, ‘Go!’ and he goes; and to another, ‘Come!’ and he comes; and to my •slave, ‘Do this!’ and he does it.” So just like the Centurion has authority and gives commands Jesus has authority and gives commands.
3. Jesus recognizes the Centurions FAITH. Jesus answered the Centurion with a tremendous statement. “I assure you: I have not found anyone in Israel with so great a faith!” Yes! He said this IN FRONT OF OTHER JEWS! The Jews already did not have high regard for Roman soldiers. But when they heard this imagine what they must have thought? The Sermon on the Mount must still have been fresh in their minds and the teaching on faith was being reinforced here. Jesus points out that this man who just simply asked for Jesus to say the word and heal his servant without going to his house. But it was much more than this… The Centurion BELIEVED that Jesus could do it. 
How many times have we asked Jesus to do something for us but we expected Him to be there as well? Or, how many times have we prayed for something but not fully believe that it would be fulfilled. Is it a problem with our faith? Would Jesus say about us that He has not found anyone in Texas, Georgia, or _(fill in your place)____ that has greater faith?