How to have the Right Fear Matthew 10:26-31

Today’s Reading: Matthew 10:26-31

One of the objectives of Marine boot camp is to eliminate the fear of dying. A soldier who is afraid is also reluctant to go into battle and therefore useless. These guys train volunteers by putting them through “Confidence Courses”. It’s amazing to see young men clam up when they are asked to climb a 20 foot wall with no safety rope. Then after they complete the course most break down into a giddy laugh. It is then when they realize they are fearing the wrong things. They no longer fear death but rather fear that the person next to them will die. Any soldier will tell you that they don’t do the things they do for themselves, it is for the guy next to them. This attitude change and change in what they fear is what makes them so effective.

Yesterday we read about how Jesus sent his disciples out with instructions. He told them that it was not going to be easy and they will face hard times against people that will not like them very much. Now, in this passage Jesus is laying the “get over it” factor. He puts into perspective of Whom they SHOULD be fearing.

“Don’t fear those who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul;o ratherfear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” 

Who do you fear? The one who is making fun of you when you are trying to do the right thing? How about the one who threatens to harms you or your family? OR
Do you FEAR the one who has the power to speak eternity into existence or oblivion? How about the One who’s very name has more power than all of the suns in the universe. How about the One who “thought up the universe and how it is all held together? How about the One who knows the thoughts we have and still loves us?
Isn’t it freeing and liberating that we FEAR the One who loves us and knows our name? Isn’t it good to know that we can call Him “Father”?
This is the same type of “Healthy” fear that the soldiers have. We shouldn’t FEAR God because HE is able to do these things but rather we should FEAR Him because of the person next to us. We should FEAR Him enough to tell that person about what Christ has done!
So, what are you afraid of? GO!

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