The Call of Matthew: Matthew 9:9-13

One day I received a call from a person whom I recognized. He was trying to pull a prank call on a random number and dialed mine coincidentally.
“Is you refrigerator running?” he said.
“Phillip? Why do want to know about my refrigerator?” I answered.
“How do you know who this is? Who is this?” he answered with a puzzled voice.
“You called me remember? How do not know who you called?”

Jesus had just left the house in which He healed the paralytic man and saw a man who was a tax-collector. He said two words to him. “FOLLOW ME.” That must have been enough because Scripture records that he got up and followed Him. We do not know the background story but we know that Jesus simply spoke a few words and Matthew obeyed.
Jesus is then seen sitting with other tax collectors (likely Matthew’s friends) and other “sinners”. Tax-collectors have always received bad raps from people and it was no different in this day. They were considered “cheats”, “sinners”, “traitors”, and just plain dirt. They were the ones that collected money that was sent to the Empire as taxes. Often the collectors would take more than what the citizens were required to give. This is why they were not looked on with favor.
While reclining and hanging out with these type people, Jesus was approached by the Pharisees. They pointed out that He was in the presence of these people and enjoying their company. This was done possibly to sway the disciples away by discrediting Jesus. But Jesus answered back: “Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but the sick do. Go and learn what this means: I DESIRE MERCY AND NOT SACRIFICE. For I didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
Jesus was giving his disciples an example of evangelism and I would suspect that Jesus was evagelising the house. You see it is one thing for Christians to gather around and worship God and enjoy fellowship. It is another to actually GO OUT and “hang” around sinners and be the reflection of Christ. It is sinners that need the grace and MERCY of Jesus. Everywhere we turn we can find soemone who needs Jesus. Have we adeqately told them about Him?
Homework for today;
1. First, do what Jesus said and find out what is meant by “I DESIRE MERCY AND NOT SACRIFICE” from verse 13. You may have to dig a little into Scripture.
2. Next, find someone who doesn’t know Jesus and strike up a conversation with them and ask God to provide a way to turn the conversation into “spiritual” things. Then start by telling how you came to know the Lord. Yes your testimony.

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