Hey, Look at me! I’m trying to show you How to Give! Matthew 6:1-4

My wife and I are going through the process to try and teach our daughter how to ask for something in a respectful manner by saying “PLEASE.” She has learned that if she says “PLEASE” loud enough and point out that she said “PLEASE” she should be allowed whatever she has asked for. She is trying to get our attention for doing something good.
Have we ever done this? Do we wait to do something good until someone is watching? After all if no one sees the good deed is it still a good deed? What’s the reward if we do something good and no one sees it?
Jesus warned us that we should NOT do things to seek the praise of men. If we do then the praise of men will be our reward. Jesus instructs us that if we do these good deeds in “secret” our reward will be in heaven. He says “don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”
You can make the choice: Seek the praise of man and have it last while you are here on earth (70-80 more years)
OR- Do your good deeds in secret and be rewarded by God in heaven (Lasts forever)

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