Finding Comfort in an Uncomfortable World

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 40-43

What would need to happen for you to feel totally comfortable? Would you need to change some things concerning your finances? What about your job? Relationships with other people? Your Health? Your appearance? Or perhaps your academic performance? What would you need to change before you were able to be at total ease and peace and not have a worry in the world?

“I’d have to have all my bills paid!” I can hear all the Dave Ramsey fans shouting “AMEN!!” and “I’m debt freeee!!!”
 But then reality sets in and you know that you’ll have bills tomorrow.

“I’d have to have a fortune in the bank!”
But what if the bank went bankrupt and you lost it all?

“I’d have to enjoy perfect health!”
But what if you were in an accident and lost your ability to work?

Some of us might have in place measures to absorb some of these life’s blows but most have not. Suppose you are going through a tough time right now. And chances are if you are reading this you are going through some sort of life’s discomforts. How do you find comfort?
The measure of your comfort will always be the measure of your confidence in God. For Isaiah to declare “Comfort ye” after 39 chapters of judgement would seem ludicrous! Unless you recall who is providing the comfort! Write out the first five verses of chapter 40 on a notecard, and put it under your pillow, by your bedside, on top of your glasses, or somewhere you first look in the morning when you wake up. Let it be the first thing you look at and thought for thte day!
God will go before you all day — so relax and enjoy His presence!

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