Consolation From Jeremiah (Jeremiah 30-33)

God’s promise of restoration begins a section describing both the worst of horrors (the time of Jacob’s trouble) and the best of blessings (God’s new covenant with Israel). God Pledges to reestablish the nation after it has been purified by the discipline of exile. As a sign of His promise, He orders Jeremiah to purchase a field that would soon belong to the conquering Babylonians. As surely as day follows night, that land would one day become part of the restored nation to be ruled by the Righteous Branch, David’s messianic descendant.

Imagine this: your five year old has just popped the question “Daddy, Mommy, what is God like?” Write down the first ten words that come to your mind. (Even if you don’t have a five year old, the exercise will do you good!)

If you had trouble describing God in simple terms even a child could understand, today’s passage might help you. Few passages of Scripture present such a complete picture of God. Here you can find the God who hates sin and judges it (30:12-15), yet loves and forgives the sinner (30:18-22). You see the God of wrath(30:23-24) and the God of love (31:1-9). Above all you find portrayed the saving God who regathers His scattered flock (31:10-22) and establishes with them a new covenant (31:23-34)- a promise that rests on the sure guarantee of His sovereign power (31:35-37; 33:19-22).

Now go back and change your initial answer to the question, “What is God like?” Using Jeremiah’s thoughts to help, can you express your answer in terms both simple and scriptural? Better still, find a five year old to try your answer on!

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