Tolerance and Idolatry

Today’s Passage: Jeremiah 1-3

Key Focus: 1; 2:13-19

When I study the Prophets I usually think of these passages as warnings that are applicable to us in the present. God always sent a prophet or messenger to His people when they were being disobedient. Are we being disobediant today?

In this passage Jeremiah was called to announce Judah’s condemnation. They were about to be given over to the Babylonians for being “Indifferent” and for their “Idolatrous” ways. I’m sure that many of you took a science course in your life at one time or another. Remember when the teacher poured water on a pile of sand? What happened? Right! The sand began to crumble. It was a study in weathering and erosion. Weathering is the process of breaking down rock. Erosion is the carrying away of these particles. These are a great lesson in the Christian walk. When we look at something that we know dishonors God it begins to weather our hearts and eventually it begins to erode and we are carried away. In other words, we become tolerant. Ever hear this word being used today? I think people have weathered and eroded hearts as I see bumper stickers that read “COEXIST” using different religious symbols. In the news you hear of “hate crimes” against different religions. Or, people that say “How dare they push Christianity on us!”
This passage can even be applied to our personal lives. How are we tolerant in our relationships? Our business practices? Although erosion is slow and we can ignore it for a while, we can’t escape its destructive power. Here in Texas, every homeowner MUST water the foundation. Especially during the hot summer months. If ignored the foundation will crack and slide and cause more damage to the rest of the house. A simple regular watering prevents this from happening.
Jeremiah’s warning to Judah was simply this; Get ready for Judgement (Chapt. 1), Remember where you came from (Chapt. 2), and Return to the Lord (Chapt. 3)
Are you toying with defection or defilement in your Christian life, confident that God’s patience will last? Then hear what God says by reading the penetrating reminder in Exodus 34:6-7.

To err is human, but when the eraser wears out ahead of the pencil, you’re overdoing it.

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