Thank you for your patience

OK. I have to be honest. I keep doing this. I just found out that I will have to get permission from the publisher to conduct a blog on Experiencing God even if I cite it. I can however conduct my own Breakfast with God. I personally think it will be better. I can use all of my study resources to conduct it.

Also, I have decided to move my blog to Blogger. The new address is

Pray for this. Pray that God draws people to Him through this ministry. My desire is to glorify God and bring people to a better understanding of Him including myself.

I do apologize fo rthose who are expecting a consistent blog post. I will do my best. I do however consider other writers. If you would like to write a post just submit it via email or through a comment to this post.

D. Shannon Rainwater <

One response to “Thank you for your patience

  1. Thanks for letting us know. I have actually already shared the wordpress website with some friends– and now I will update them sot hat they return this website. Also, on a post that I can no longer find, you mentioned that you pray at meals– but it is mostly a practiced prayer– and I don't think that this is necessarily wrong. Right now Bryan and I are trying to teach Caitlin to pray, so at our meals we are saying “God is good, God is great….” and she now can say “God is good” and “Amen.” So if you are doing it so that you and Randi are able to teach Adalynne to pray, then I think it is okay. I think God would smile at trying to teach our children to pray– because they are our first mission field.

    However, I also agree that prayer needs to be a bigger part of my life and our family life. Finally, my comments may be few and far between until my laptop gets working again as it is not as easy to write on the phone.

    God Bless,


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