The First Sailor part 2

The reading today (actually yesterday) was from Genesis 9-12. It is the recording of the account of Naoh and his three son getting off the Ark and ending with Abram getting kicked out of Egypt because he decieved Pharoh about his wife Sarah.

Interesting notes:
1. God commands Noah and his sons to go out and be fruitful and multiply. 9:1
Does this imply that they were NOT being “fruitful” within the Ark? I mean they were in there for a long time with the rest of the world drowning. You would think that after a while on board a boat certain desires would be unbearable. Afterall, they were the first sailors in the world. This would give room for the myths and legends that Noah had extra sons that were on board the Ark. Why couldn’t the sons have children also? I think it was probable but highly unlikey. It would have been mentioned in the Bible if it were so. God simply said to them after the Ark came to a rest and the time for them to go out is to go and have babies.
2. Fear into the animals: 9:2-4
I always thought that the animals feared man ever since the banishment from the Garden of Eden. But here it states that God puts the fear in to them after the flood. It is interesting when you think about this because of the trouble that Noah must have had getting them in the Ark. Of course the Sunday School answer would be that God led them but also Noah probably led them. Afterall he was a “perfect man” (more on this later) and the animals trusted him and did not fear him.
In this verse we also learn that the animals are now food for man. Makes since that God puts the fear in to them before He pronounces them as food. You know, it has to do with the whole curse on man to work.

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