After last weeks snowstorm I have resumed my “normal” routine. This morning God has been showing me things about faith. Now I kinda knew what faith was… things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen… but I never really pondered upon it. I have always heard the term used in a manner to describe a Christian such as: “Oh he has found faith” or ” He lost his faith”. But if we really examine the Word of God to know what it means it might just blow you away just as it did me.

Faith requires our ENTIRE trust in the Lord. What I mean is when we say we have faith it is like we have just given control of our lives to God. It is an action that is contrary to our nature. At first it is harder to give up control but just like any domesticated animal, then over time we accept it. But, because of our fallen nature we tend to want to take back control. In the Christian maturity this seems to be less often. Faith in this manner requires an action. If we were to truly give God total control, we will see Him do things in our lives that only He can do. The Bible tells us that we need only the faith the size of one of the smallest seeds known, the mustard seed. Once we see God working in our lives from our faith , our faith grows and it gets a little easier to put faith into action. It is not always easier and we don’t always want God to be in control of our situations but when we see God working in our lives it should spur us on and increase our faith.

For those who are not saved  (“saved” definition coming soon) faith is the action one must exercise to see God. It is the agent that one MUST have in order to receive grace. (“Grace” definition coming soon.)

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