Starting Struggles.

For the past couple of years I have been wanting to write. I just wanted to be able to put my thoughts on paper. I have struggled with the motivation, the time, and the ability to control being scatterbrained. This is my attempt and effort to correct this.
I have always struggled with finding the time to do things that I should do. I should be writing a paper for school when I am watching TV. I should be cleaning the house when I am watching TV. I should be reading my Bible when I am getting that extra hour of sleep (because I was up late watching TV). I think you get the picture. The common thing here is that I watch too much TV. I can’t blame it all on TV. I also like to play video games on my computer. Sometimes I get a little motivated to write something and I either check my email or I go to a site that gives me cheat codes for a game that I haven’t conquered yet. I get distracted and never get to the task that I originally set out to do. It’s that way when I try to read my Bible. I take it out and find something else to do with it. What I mean is that I will think of other ways to do my duty of reading God’s word and never get to the task at hand. I have developed plans to read and then write a commentary on what I have read but I sometimes do not read until it is bedtime and I’ll be sleepy when I am done.
Think I’m a slacker yet? or does this sound familiar?
When I am watching a show on TV and hear an interesting fact or something that strikes my interest, I will look it up on Wikipedia. I know that Wikipedia is not always accurate and that it is written by anyone, but there is some good stuff on there. I get so caught up following a rabbit trail that it is hours before I realize that I need to be doing something else. However, I could turn that research motivation into something useful. It is that I do this so that I can know more about a subject or a person. This is the exact reason we should read the Bible. Since God has written an autobiography and we say that God is so mysterious, why not read His autobiography and see what He says about Himself. It is no surprise that He tells us that this is the way that He communicates His thinking into the WHY of events and ideas. He tells us why He created man. He tells us why do bad things happen to good people. He especially tells us why we need Him. And best of all He tells us that He loves us. How does He tell us all these things you ask? Well you are just going to have to read the book to find out.
OK, here is the real purpose of today’s post.

1. I am going to read my Bible:
I don’t mean that I am going to have a plan. I am simply just going to open it and read. I may even look in the concordance and pick a topic that has been on my mind. (or if I get enough feedback I may even pick something that is on your mind.)
How much and for how long is going to depend on what the Holy Spirit is leading me to do.

2. Pray:
This is an area of worship in which I am lacking tremendously. I have heard the saying that is almost cliche now that “The family that prays together, stays together”. My wife and I pray at meals and most times it is a canned prayer. I think this offends God and I ask forgiveness. My prayer life is not where it needs to be. From what I understand it is that when we read the Bible it is God speaking to us and when we pray it is us speaking to God. From some of my classes in college this is what is known as communication. It is a two way conversation. Certainly I am NOT putting God in a box and saying that He only communicates to us through the Bible. I know that He speaks to us in many other ways. My goal is that I need to change the way I pray and the frequency.

3. Write what I read:
I think once I get into the habit, I’ll write more of these blogs. I do want to concentrate on writing on the things that I have read in the Bible and on the topics that I have received. But I need to have…
4. Feedback:
Feedback is the gauge as to what I direct my blog. I want to know what people think on these topics. Good and Bad. I am human and therefore under the curse so I do make mistakes. I do want this to be like a conversation. This is another reason why I have named this Breakfast with God. In order to have loads of feedback I need …
5. More people to read this blog:
Please send this link to all your friends. If what I write is your daily devotion then please tell others about it. I am constantly trying to improve this blog to cater to more people.

Thank you for reading today. I hope today has been an encouragement.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this blog or you have any comments PLEASE do so. I would love to hear from you.

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