Quiet Time

How many of us really sit down and just talk with God? Honestly! In Bible college we were required to have a quiet time every day and the school even allotted time right after chapel for that purpose. I remember my first semester there. I was on fire and ready to go! I was so excited to be around others whom God was working in their lives. I noticed that there were others like me but then there were some who acted a little apathetic. They didn’t care whether it was time for prayer or not.
At first this disturbed me but later realized that I had become one of them. I used the quiet time to catch up on studying for a quiz or playing games on my computer. I kept telling myself that I would wake up early in the morning to have my quiet time. When that morning came, I would hit the snooze button and go back to sleep because to staying up too late the night before.
How sad is this scenario? Jesus always took time to talk with the Father. He never procrastinated His quiet time. If we are to follow the example of Jesus then we need to prioritize and MAKE time for Him. After all, how valuable is 1 hour of sleep compared to 1 hour with the King!

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